Friday, July 20, 2012

Sunday Sunsets and Too Fast and Too Fun

On Sunday I was not feeling well. I got the flu bug that Sam did and man was it a bad one. But a bit of Ibrophen and I was game for Sunday night sunset. We ate with the Pollards at their Turtle Bay Condo and then headed out to Pipeline. Jake feel asleep on the way with his glass on just right. Cute boy.

Auntie Joan didn't disappoint with her smores! They look delicious on Jayne.

Nor did the sunset disappoint. It was incredible. Here's Katie.

Andrew, Emily, And Katie with the sun.

And last but not least- Kayla!

The largest group yet showed up! And one of the best sunsets for sure.

Favorite part of Sunday.

Monday we met to go surf. We drove to Kahana Bay, where my kids learned to surf, but it was flat as a pancake. So we took the Pollards to Castle beach. It was super fun to boogie board, surf a bit, and play in the waves. I could go to this beach and never get bored. It is so much fun and beautiful.

Ellie gave some mini surf lessons and Emily was able to get up. I think they all had a lot of fun just trying.

Here's the crew. 

Off to get some shave ice. I love this picture because it seemed like not so long ago, the Pollards were the little ones, and my kids were babies. Now they are so grow up, it shocks me. You can see Jayne attached to Kayla's hip. I think Kayla carried her around for the 4 days they were here. Jayne loved every second of it. They are such good sports.

The Famous and delicious Matsumotos. We couldn't NOT take them and my mom.

Mom was cracking us up with her outfit. She kept worrying that it didn't match. No one else seemed to notice, and she looked better than I did- that's for sure.

Tuesday we headed out to beach it and hit some major rain. So we stopped at Ted's for lunch. Here Jayne is demonstrating the pose to be painted on the wall.  Such a cutie.

Because of the weather we took off to Halewia and did some shopping. Mom was able to get some fun things for birthday gifts and I mostly wrestled the little man who is loitering below.

 We got a bit bored, so we all put on our temporary tattoos. Joan said she got some respect after that!

After Halewia we all jumped into Waimae Bay. I love swimming there with the gentle swell that makes you laugh as you try and get out. Even Mom jumped in for a bit of a swim. Such a great time. It was so fun to have the Pollards be our neighbors again for a couple days. It was too fast and too fun1

House Luau and Portland Friends

So if I haven't mentioned before. We live in the greatest house. We love the families that live here. David and Grace thought it would be a great idea to throw a luau while my mom was here, and of coarse we agreed. We were also so excited because it was the same time that our great friends and neighbors from Portland, the Pollard family, were coming to visit. So they could join in on the fun too.

 Here's the beautiful Pollard ladies with my girls. When we left Portland, I think Katie (the one in orange) was Ellie's age. Now they are all grown up and still just as fabulous. It was so fun to have them stop here on their way home from Maui. I just want to them to know we are so grateful for their time and effort to come. And look how tan they are. Such awesome Italian genetics.

 David organized the luau and threw the pig in the ground. My mom was here and the Pollard's showed up. It was fantastic. Sam and Jeri showed everyone how to husk a coconut. Just like the PCC performance. ;) Our house families (minus the Johanson's who were out of town), and friends and neighbors came to the luau. The food was incredible- David's chicken, Temo's ribs, the pig, incredible salads, and much more. There was no room for dessert. 

After food and more food came the entertainment. Oh how I love this place. Jayne and Ellie dance one of their Tahitian dances.

Then Grace, Muwana, and Tina dance hot hula! 

Even little Tarita, Grace's daughter, joined in the hula. So cute! Larissa also danced this awesome hula hoop dance and then made us all join in. Again I was reminded my lack of coordination. But it was good times.

Sam was able to spin fire. He was super excited. David got him outfitted and he came out and yelled,"Talofa!" just as any good fireknife dancer would. He did really well, only dropping once. It was really fun for him. Jeri also performed and she can really spin fast. Then Dave performed, adding in a bit of zumba dance, and cracking himself up laughing. He's so funny. But he spins fire like no other. Its second nature to him and he makes it look so easy. Maybe I haven't mentioned, but he is also two time World Fireknife Champion! It was fun to have him perform in our front yard! The luau was the best night ever here in Hawaii. Mostly because we got to spend time with our friends and family.

Grandma's Coming to Me

I told Jake that Grandma was coming. He said so enthusiastically," Grandma's coming to me? Jacob's house?"It was fun to have the answer to be yes. Ever since we came my parent's have been trying to find a time to squeak into their schedule, a trip to visit. My Dad wasn't able to make it but after my mom called to say she bought tickets, I hung up the phone, told Seth my mom was coming, and then I started crying. Because I was happy. We have lived away from our families for a long time, not because we don't love them or want to be with them, but because the Lord has put us else where. But its hard to have your kids live away from Grandparents, mostly because you want them to see every little miracle, every little trick, or witness first hand the tantrums, of your children. So I was so excited to have my mom come to experience Hawaii with us. Plus she is super mom. My apartment has never been so clean for some many consecutive days. And without planning it, I was very sick, and she totally took over when I felt like I was going to die. I think I napped every day she was here. I felt bad after being so sick and apologized that this wasn't the greatest vacation. She said she didn't need another vacation. I laughed. She came to help and help she did. I love that women. 

She came in on a 6 a.m. flight and as we drove back we capture this beautiful picture of China man's hat. 

We even caught the sunrise with the rain. I was so beautiful. 

The day was typical North Shore weather. 80 degrees with a chance of rain showers and sun. Sure enough, we went to lunch a famous Ted's Bakery, and it rained, and then the sun came out. I took my mom a minute to adjust to none of my children wearing shoes anywhere and Jake barely wearing anything.

We got to Turtle Bay to snorkel and the skies opened and it poured rain. But then it cleared and we all jumped in. Seth, Jake, and Jayne made their awesome sand volcanoes.

The next day we hiked to Waimae Falls with my mom. She is such a sport. She loves to hike, but she has a sore foot. She didn't complain even though I know it was hurting her. 

We played some Hawaiian bowling at the games area. Grandma said she wasn't very good at it.

We made it to the falls and my mom hopped in. It was runny high, so they wouldn't let the kids in and I wasn't feeling to well, so she was our representative. 

Jayne took these pictures of the momma peacock and her babies. She wanted me to put them on the blog as well. Enjoy!

The next day we were able to meet up with the Hughes family and took my mom to our favorite beach-Castles. My mom was a bit intimidated by the waves, especially to see the kids just go jump in. I too was intimidated when I first came, but since I have been able to get to know the ocean, I am much more at ease now. In fact, I love it and I will be sad to not live so near to it. My mom was even brave enough to come out and boogie board with us. She held on to the boogie board and I gave her a push to catch a wave (a pretty big one too) and she totally caught it and rode it all the way into the shore. She raised her hand and cheered, as did we, and then she said she thought she should quit while she was ahead. It was great. 

Here's Sam practicing his fireknife.

I absolutely live this picture of this boy. I posted it on Facebook and this is what I wrote:

"Sometimes you capture a little piece of heaven. For an 11 yr old boy does it get much better than a surf board and a fireknife? I actually don't think he really understands what he's got here, but I hope as he looks back he will see to amazing unique experience this has been."

I'd like to make him a poster of this picture when we get home!

Here's Grandma and the kids enjoying Friday night movie night! She's such a good sport. I think they watched High School Musical. Popcorn, movie, and Grandma, doesn't get much better than this. Check out Sam with his fire stick. Ha. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bake Sale(s)

Hey Friends, its been too long. I realized today that I am several weeks behind. I can blame it mostly on sickness. First Sam, then Seth, then me, then Seth, and now Jake. (Yes, Seth snuck in two times of being sick.) Needless to say, this momma wasn't getting much sleep. But I think we are taking a turn for the better and I am finally able to sit up at night and write somethings down. Blogging is a luxury, and when your in survival mode, it just doesn't take priority. So I am back. And here is the news on the.....

Jayne has been asking from day one to learn to dance hula. I didn't find a hula class, but I found a tahitian class. But it isn't just a class, it is class to practice to compete in the Tahitian dance competition held at the Polynesian Cultural Center. So I signed Jayne and Ellie up. Then I found out that the class was only $25, but the costumes for the the performance would be $160 each. Choke, cough. At the same time Sam was asking to buy real fireknifes that run $300 for doubles. Ouch. This was not in my budget and their allowance wasn't going to cut it. So we did what people do here- we fundraised. The Tahitian dance teacher, Auntie Penny, put together two fundraisers. She is also a zumba instructor, so she threw two zumba parties. The tickets were $10 each and the girls got 100% of the money to go towards their costumes. For the first party the girls sold 9 tickets($90), so that was a good start to the $320 total. Then we decided to have a bake sale. The girls and I made Joan's famous chocolate chip cookies, two dozen cup cakes, and two pans of my Dad's famous sheet cake. And my friend Daisy made a 2 dozen cinnamon rolls and 2 dozen orange rolls to sell for her daughters costume. We made signs in the afternoon and baked the goods Friday night, and on Saturday morning the kids rode their bikes around putting up signs and set up the tent for the table of goodies. We set up at 8:30 and sold out by 9:30. We earned $100 and my friend earned $70. It was pretty amazing. Its kind of shocked me. But my neighbor who lives here said that's how it goes. That everyone here loves baked goods and that things would sell fast. Sure enough. So now we were at $190. We decided to have one more bake sale. Ellie sold $40 of zumba tickets so we had another $90 to go. Then I got sick. Fortunately Grandma Dianne, baker extraordinaire, was at our house. By Friday at noon she had everything baked. Sam made the cookies, and she made an extra couple pans of brownies. So again, the kids set up shop and sold out in an hour. They made exactly $100, enough to pay for their costumes. It was a fun experience for the kids and for me. It was so great to see what a supporting community this place is. Everyone who stopped always told the kids to keep the change for their costumes. We lost a bit of overhead to the cost of production, but working together made it fun too. The kids worked hard. Sam had put in extra time and effort, cleaning cars, closests, and babysitting to earn money to get his fireknives. 

Below is Ellie after opening the pressurized cocoa can to make the brownies. 

Jake was not very helpful at the bake sale. You can see by the chocolate face!

I couldn't help posting this picture of these two. These seats are right behind the bake sale tent. These two were sitting having a conversation about the going ons of the sale. They totally crack me up. Such turkeys. Adorable turkeys.