Thursday, September 20, 2012're going...

Hi all, this is actually Seth. So many of you have mentioned how influential Amy's blog has been, that I've started nagging her to keep posting. I realized that her main reason for not posting is because she's taking care of me and the kids, so I'm going to ghost write this entry as if I where goes...see if you can tell the difference between authors:

After meeting with Oz, we were on cloud-nine, and found ourselves with a little unexpected time for site-seeing. We packed our bags and Seth, my powerfully attractive husband, negotiated a rate at a hotel nearer the old city. Our friend Pini gave us a lift to the hotel. We dropped off our bags and headed to Damascus Gate.  Old Jerusalem is an amazing place where little changes. It brought back many memories from 16 years before when Seth, a powerfully attractive 21 year-old, and I had just met and got acquainted while wandering the markets and biblical sites.

 Here are the pictures of the day in Jerusalem. Commentary by Amy

                    Damascus Gate                                                                The market inside Damascus Gate

Seth in front of one of many (many, many) archeological sites. Note the arches.

This is in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Each Quarter is very different and distinct. 

Us after eating an awesome schwarma for lunch. 

The street band next to us. They may look a bit different than other street bands, but they sounded great.

Again the arches. So beautiful as we walked back.

Seth coming out of the market inside Damascus Gate.

The overlook on the city of Jerusalem. We are up by the United Nations headquarters. 

 Here's the view.
 And this was what I had to eat for dinner before I flew home. From the Waffle House. Yum. 

Back to Seth's commentary:

After wandering the city, we arranged to meet Pini again and got a lift to Arnona, a newer neighborhood SW of the old city where Seth, in his ingenuitive and powerfully-attractive way, had arranged to see a number of potential rental apartments. We had time to see two apartments, one of which we loved, before being dropped off for dinner. During dinner, we heard from our 'Airline Angel' (thanks Greg!) that our best shot at standby flights was that night! We hurried back to our hotel to get our bags. I've never been so powerfully-attracted to Seth as when he attractively-negotiated a refund for the room we would never get to use. One hour later we were in Pini's cab on our way to the airport. This good man dropped us off at the curb, embracing us individually and wishing us God's-speed. He begrudgingly accepted payment for the first time in days, saying that he felt guilty doing so. He said he would bring a big enough car for the whole family when we return.

The trip home was miraculously eventless--between the two of us, we flew standby on 14 flight segments never missing a single flight (thanks again Greg!). I dropped Seth, oooh THAT SETH,  off in Boston and returned to the kids in Salt Lake. Seth spent 5 days in Boston where he met with doctors at MGH, went to church with the Romney's, and met one of his hero's, Clayton Christensen. Many thanks to our good friends the Kaps for housing, feeding, and transporting my powerfully-attractive husband! After Seth, tired yet powerfully-attractive, arrived in Salt Lake, we made arrangements, said goodbye to family, and headed for Seattle on Friday morning. Thirteen hours, 3 stops, and one RedBull/RockStar cocktail later, we arrived at our home at 1am.  Both Elie and Sam were able to play in soccer games the next day, and all but Jacob started school on Monday.

Based on the miracles we saw while in Israel, we feel like we need to move forward in that direction. We are tentatively planning a move there as soon as we can make flight, housing, passport, and schooling arrangements....MORE BLOG ENTRIES TO COME!


  1. It appears that in addition to being "powerfully attractive," Seth is also quite humble.

  2. You guys are a riot. So glad to have been witness to Amy's feelings of powerful attraction. So funny!